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Respirator Fit Testing

Every person's face is different, and respirators are NOT one size fits all. A respirator that does not fit provides no protection and can actually be more dangerous than not wearing a respirator. To ensure a respirator fits correctly to provide adequate protection, all workers wearing a respirator must be fit tested on an annual basis.
To ensure 100% compliance with the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard (29 CFR 1910.134), individuals must be medically approved using a Medical Evaluation Questionnaire (MEQ) before being fit tested and using a respirator at work. We provide online MEQ in various languages to accommodate workforce.
Depending on company requirements, we provide both Quantitative (QNFT) and Qualitative (QLFT) testing options.
After the testing is concluded, we provide printable and digital wallet cards. We provide an app or digital way to store your clearance and testing results, eliminating the headaches of on-site paper storage. We send out annual reminders to prevent any gaps in testing.

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