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Job Hazard Analysis

The JHA/JSA training course is regulation aligned to ensure compliance. This program contains sections on JHA vs. JSA and their roles in workplace safety. You will learn the importance of completing a JHA and what workplaces are required to complete one. We will emphasize the roles that each the employer, supervisor, and employee have in the JHA process and discuss the various hazard controls that can be utilized on the worksite. Finally, we will talk about performing daily inspections and use case studies to demonstrate the negative results that may occur from ignoring or not complying with your JHA responsibilities. Instructor-led segments will include hands-on completion of project scenarios and how the JSA/JHA are filled out for each project.

Class Duration

1 - 2 hours

Available Languages

English, Spanish

Class Delivery

Instructor-Led, Virtual, Online, Skills Testing

Training Type / Requirements

Compliance, Requires Refresher

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